5 ways to be an empowered female

Feminism is not a new thing, in fact, one could say feminism is as old as time itself. There are so many examples throughout history of women refusing to be the understudy, and for the better.

Female empowerment is still such an important part of society today, and the fact we still have to advocate for fair treatment and better policies to allow women to succeed is quite alarming. You’d think in 2000+ years (or however you wish to measure time) we’d reach a point where gender is not a defining factor.

Why do we need to be empowered, and also empower other women? Because if we don’t support each other, who will? There is much pleasure to be gained in cheering other females, and watching their growth and success. Knowing you have played a role in their joy, and knowing your time will come because you have your own cheer squad backing you up – this is what we’re here for.

So how do we become empowered ourselves. to enable other women to be empowered? These are my ways of practising being an empowered woman:

  1. Speak your truth: it’s not as easy as it sounds, but once you have found your voice, use it! If you passionately believe in something, let people know. Don’t let fear of criticism stop you; you will always be criticised by someone, it’s a fact of life. So start advocating for your passion and beliefs because it will give you the strength to achieve your goals without fear of judgement.
  2. Lift other women: if you see someone doing something you are passionate about, or believe in, let them know. Praise them, share their accomplishments with the world, remind them of the good they are doing. We’re conditioned to tear other women down, or compare ourselves negatively, but there’s no need for that. Once we see that we are all in this together and can help each other move forward, your journey and purpose will become much clearer.
  3. Acknowledge the help you receive: it is a truth universally acknowledged that no one gets by in life without help. Part of being empowered is being able to acknowledge this help, and to thank those who gave it. It doesn’t mean constantly giving them a shout-out each time you succeed, but quietly giving thanks for the opportunities they gave you to get you to the next level. This is not just about thanking the women in your life, thank the men too!
  4. Share knowledge: I sincerely believe the point of learning isn’t to get smarter. We learn things so we can contribute to our community/ies and improve the lives of others. When you learn something, don’t keep it to yourself, share it with your friends, your colleagues, even the lady at the supermarket. And I don’t mean just academic stuff, if you learn a new tip for improving Instagram engagement, share it with your tribe because that’s how we will all continue to grow.
  5. Don’t underestimate your value: following on from #4, don’t give everything away for free. An empowered woman knows her worth, and will let people know. If you’re a business woman who continues to give ‘mates rates’, you’re signalling that your skills, knowledge and experience is not worth a lot. There are things you can give away for free, and then there are things that are valued, like lessons you have learnt through your own blood, sweat and tears. If you think you are not worth the money, no one else will either. So start charging what you’re worth and you’ll soon see the difference in how others perceive you.

If you want to read more, I highly recommend this excellent blog on the nine qualities of an empowered woman, which also includes a quiz to determine your leadership style. I’m a guru, and I would love to know what your style is – share with me in the comments box!

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